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Back Up Cameras

If your looking to build your own backup camera system or just need an additional/replacement backup camera for your current system, we have one of the largest selections to choose from. These universal cameras can connect to nearly any monitor using a standard RCA, four pin or five pin connection, making it easy to build your own fully customizable system. From backing out of potentially hazardous areas to providing a perfect view of your tow hitch and even parallel parking, you can bet adding a backup camera to your vehicle will not only make your drive safer but easier as well.


5 Key Features to Look For:

  • Viewing Angle: Measured in degrees, with 180 degrees being a panoramic view of your rear, viewing angle determines how much of your rear you can actually view. The higher the number the wider your view.
  • CCD: A high end camera lens that is great at picking up color and lighting contrasts, producing a high resolution image with excellent light sensitivity for a great picture at night even without the need of Infared.
  • Infrared (IR): These invisible lights produce a black and white picture at night or whenever the camera is unable to receive sufficient lighting for a standard image.
  • Park Assist Lines: These lines appear on the side of the monitor and typically help the driver determine depth with green, yellow and red designated proximity zones.
  • Built in Microphone: Typically found on higher end cameras for commercial and heavy duty use, a camera with a built in microphone can not only transfer video but audio to any monitor with built in speakers.